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it is our mission to brighten your play!  

Gray Matters Games designs and publishes lively and cognitively challenging experiences for people with active minds.  Through our games, we promote community, encourage fun and give back to Alzheimer's research.


giving back

We believe that business should be a force for good.

Over the years, we have witnessed our family members bravely fight for quality of life when diagnosed with memory-based diseases. Because of this, Gray Matters Games will donate a meaningful portion of profits to support the valuable work of the Alzheimers's Association.


a new beginning

It began on a road trip through the Arizona desert.

On a family road trip from Tombstone to Sedona, the best of Joe’s creativity came to life, and he thoroughly entertained a car full of passengers with his new trivia-based “game.” After testing it with friends and family, as well as adding a few fun twists, the initial concept for You Bet-Cha!, was born!

We spent many nights brainstorming the company's name, and we finally came up with Gray Matters Games. It connects with the type of games we make and our devotion to supporting brain health.  In short, we believe that exercising the gray matter in your head… matters!