Our Top Board Games List

After decades of board game playing, we are announcing our Top Board Games List filled with Reddit Recommendations, Top Reviews and our pick for Top New Board Game this year. Explore the best board games to play, the highest board games rankings, and our top picks for board games night.


Check out our favorites!

Top Trivia Board Game to Play with the Whole Family
Wits ‘N Wagers

A board game for trivia buffs and non-trivia buffs alike where each player writes their best guess to each question and attempts to get the closest without going over. Place your bets and get ready to be shocked by the answers to quirky trivia questions.

Top New Board Game this year
What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

Out-meme your fellow friends from the social media generation by competing to craft the funniest meme, judged by a rotating judge from the group.

Top Classic Games to play during board games night

This strategy game is a great go-to for any small group game night; each game feels unique depending on who you play against and which rules you follow. Take chances and place your bets as you make moves in an attempt to conquer the world.  

Midnight Outburst

It’s all about the party with this group game from the makers of Taboo! Topics from pop culture and adult topics are outlined on each playing card as players shout out guesses to match the top answered solutions. But keep in mind, this is the midnight version for adults only!

Our Favorite Board Games Recommended by Reddit
Cards Against Humanity

The makers claim it’s a party game for horrible people and that couldn’t be more true. The more horrible the group, the more fun the party with this small group card game.

Games we bought because of the Rave Reviews
Reverse Charades

It’s charades with an upgrade: the reverse makes for an excellent party game twist! Instead of one card reader and multiple guessers, instead there are lots of card readers and one guesser. See how many your team can act out and guess before the timer runs out!

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