Nonstop Tabletop You Bet-Cha Board Game Review

Here’s what our new friends at Nonstop Tabletop thought about our new trivia game, You Bet-Cha!

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The Urban Dictionary offers the following as one translation for you betcha: “You sound like you know more than I do.” And, oh how this rang true when I played this game. If you asked me to name 10 states with two words in the name, could I do it right now? You betcha. Could I do it during the game? The answer is not “You betcha.” The answer is I went down in flames and lost some (play) money to boot. You however, are probably smarter than me, so if trivia trips your trigger and you enjoy a light-hearted gamble, You Bet-Cha, a party/trivia board game which was just funded on Kickstarter, is the game for you.

Even my husband, who is not usually drawn to trivia games, got into this one. The promise of gambling and sports questions drew him in, and the game did not disappoint. Each round starts with an ante up from each player as they add a $1 chip to the pot. From there, the dice are rolled to determine the type of bet and the category for the round.

Categories include “Paparazzi”, which tests your mettle on all things pop culture. If you are a movie buff and/or music lover, this is where you will shine. Then you have a “Globetrotter” category for the armchair geographer; “Jocks” for the sports enthusiast, and Know-It-Alls, a category with a random smattering of general trivia. This is where you can prove your superiority for knowing Muppet characters or Santa’s reindeer.

Depending on your roll, betting for each round will either be a silent bet, live bet, or all play. In the silent bet mode, players record how many answers to the subject they think they can answer correctly and then reveal their numbers all at the same time. The player who bet the highest amount of answers puts that amount into the pot and plays the round.