Glen Ellyn game design business joining COD's Innovation DuPage


Gray Matters Games will move into Innovation DuPage's incubator program when the College of DuPage center opens in downtown Glen Ellyn in early 2019. Here's a statement from Innovation DuPage Managing Director Travis Linderman about the company founded by Joe and Lauren Barron:

"Innovation DuPage is rooted in a mission to find exciting and new business ideas within DuPage County. Joe and Lauren are not just business owners, but are also involved in their community through Glen Ellyn Newcomers, the Alzheimer's Associate Board and other charitable causes. They define the attributes I look for in business owners -- purposeful, driven, creative and in need of the mentorship and resources that Innovation DuPage has to offer.

"Gray Matters Games is creating innovative, interactive and fun gaming concepts that encourage people to get off their devices and into personal interaction. GMG has a great pipeline of ideas and, combined with Innovation DuPage, is positioned to grow into a company that will create games to delight friends and families for years to come."

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