Do you have the next great game IDEA?

Game Submissions open until 12/31/2019

Top 5 Finalists announced 1/31/2020

Grand Finale at Fair Game in La Grange, IL. - DAte TBA

$1,000 Grand prize + game publishing opportunity With Gray Matters Games.


Eligibility of Games:

· Must be an analog board game, card game or dexterity game.

·  Must be 100% your own intellectual property.

·  Must not be available for sale, pre-order or crowd funding while it is in the contest.

·  Must not have previously been available for retail sale or successfully crowd funded prior to the contest.

·  Must not be finished. Participant is willing to make changes to the design to improve it.

·  Must be able to attend the final contest at Fair Game in La Grange, IL.

Types of Games GMG is Looking For:

· Fun, easy to learn party and family games (Ages 8+, 14+ or 17+)

· Unique game mechanics or theme

· Can be learned in under five minutes and plays in under 60 minutes

· Has a unique marketing angle that fits with current trends

· Fits with the Gray Matters Games brand

Terms & Conditions

  • All Intellectual Property associated with the games remains the inventor’s property unless licensed from Gray Matters Games

  • While the license deal is the goal of the competition, it is not guaranteed

  • All game submissions are kept private except to the judges and play testers at the finale at Fair Game


Meet the Judges


Head of game design and operations at Gray Matters Games.


CEO of Chicago Toy & Game


Owner of Fair Game Store


Head of Finance and marketing at Gray Matters Games


Managing Director at Innovation DuPage


CEO of The Creative Fold


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